October 4, 2012

Mike & Joe – October 12th ($5 Cover)

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“Mike and Joe” is the name of the band and we LOVE this stuff! Yes, two guys’ names, four people in the band. We are a COVER band based out of Indianapolis and playing in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and from time to time, in Ohio. We play Modern Rock/Alternative music but will throw in some 80′s and even a 70′s tune or two. We have a blast gigging 3 or 4 times a week year round, and generally play clubs that hold 500 to 1200 people. We play a lot and we see a ton of awesome fans! We are a cover band but we are not a “party” band. There is no schtick to our show. We are a straight up rock band that just kicks it! Everything you hear at a show is being played and sung live, and we do not track (play along to pre-recorded music). We want to reproduce the songs we play as accurately as possible which definitely stretches the limits of our 4 piece band, and we LOVE IT! Our fans are such a good time! We spend tons of time at college campuses around the upper midwest, and have a blast doing it! College clubs rock, and we cant say how much we appreciate it when you guys are partying, singing, and having good times with us. Of course, when summer gets here we hit the summer fests all over the place and rock to all ages all summer long. Now that is FUN! Check our schedule, come out to a show, and hopefully we will be able to call you a fan!